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Datum Architecture Studio

About Datum Architecture Studio

DATUM Architecture Studio is an innovative architectural and design practice. With 20 years of experience in delivering design and research projects - we operate at the intersection between architecture, education, research, and urbanism. Our vision is to deliver innovative architectural projects that effectively and efficiently respond to environmental, ecological, economic, and living needs of the 21st Century. The research-driven work combines technical explorations, new trajectories in design, and forming programs for advanced spatial analysis. 

The overall aim of the practice is to scrutinise the context of a proposed design intervention taking account of its physical and historical aspects - paying particular attention to the place of architecture in the urban context - and addressing current and future societies, as well as wider global issues.  We believe in a collaborative dialogue with the client, consultants, and the public—and this process informs our design proposals. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality and imaginative design solutions that surpass expectations.

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