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24/03/2020 in Category 1

Why should I use an Architect on a small home renovation or extension?

Why should I use an Architect on a small home renovation or extension?

The right architect will save you money and leave you with a building design you can fall in love with!

Now you might say that with a spend of €10k, €20k, or even €50k for your home renovation or extension project, do I really need an architect?

The answer is yes!

The success of any good renovation or home extension is the 'design' and construction that matches the intent of the Architect or Home Designer.

Sure, builders are important too. They are great at what they do, and that is - taking a design and making it a physical reality with bricks, blocks, plasterboard, and all that stuff. But it all starts with a good design.

After all, architects are trained for 5-7 years in Ireland in design; this in itself takes a level of healthy obsession that many careers do not entail. They are experts at walking into a room, an empty site, or your back garden and immediately see the potential of the space.

There is rarely a 'cannot' architect because if they are any good at what they do, they will always find ways to offer value for money and improvements to your home's quality.

What Do We Mean By 'Improved Quality of Your Home'?

The environment we live in has a considerable effect on our health and wellbeing. That's why it is important to build a home built to delight those living in it. Here's what that entails:

More Daylight, More Happiness

We all have that dark corner in our home that we despise. If you have ever walked into a building that felt nice to be in, it most likely had good use of natural daylight.

Dark corners can reflect a dark mood or a bad day; no one wants to be reminded of those feelings as they walk into their homes. In fact, our homes should lift our moods the minute we enter them.

Project by Antipas Jones Architects in Dublin

We evolved as outdoor creatures, and we still subconsciously crave to connect with the outdoors.

For example, look at how sunlight is used in this home extension from Antipas Jones Architects in Dublin 1. The rear double doors are full height to the underside of the roof, so when a person enters this room, their eye and their mind instantly continue up to the sky.

Your architect can build the outdoors into your home's design like our example. Such details can make you feel good, bring in more daylight, and take your mind off the day ahead. Good design is mindfulness made real.

Better Movement For An Easier Life

Have you ever moved through a house or building and felt trapped in? This can easily come down to the placement of furniture and fixed elements such as walls or kitchens.

If you walk into a house and face a blank wall, this can affect the movement as you probably need to turn a direction to come into an open space. Wouldn't it be nicer to walk directly into an entrance hall and straight to an open-plan area?

An architect can help set up your home in a way that offers complete freedom of movement without having to think about it. This should also give our subconscious the space to move.

Project by Bright Design Architects

Another element of movement through our homes is using areas of transit, a dual-use for functional space. As you enter this kitchen by Bright Design Architects (image above), the route to the back door is also the area in front of the couch.

While the space to the rear of the couch allows the dining chairs to move back, this can also be a transitional space for people moving through the room. Making good use of space for movement is essential in the modern home.

In Conclusion

A good client offers great ideas, and a builder has the skill to implement them.  However, involving an architect or home designer in the mix can bring missed design opportunities into the forefront and make your home the best it can be.

Work with an architect who's willing to listen to your ideas and advise you on how best to implement them. They can also offer financial guidance on building a beautiful home without exceeding your budget.