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What is a typical house design timeline?

What is a typical house design timeline?


I advise clients that a typical house design timeline happens over roughly three years with almost a year for each major stage;

– Year 1 Design

– Year 2 Build

– Year 3 Snagging

The first year, Design, is detailed in the Timeline image above. You can see that it takes just under six months to get the client/architect agreement in place, survey the site, design the building and make the planning application. 

Then we have a three month period for a planning decision and the appeal period (4 weeks) to complete. Assuming a positive straightforward decision is achieved, the detail design can proceed.

Where planning is not simple, and an appeal to An Bord Pleanala ensues, I would add six months to this part of the process.

The rest of that first year is taken up with detail design, tendering the project to contractors, and securing the contract and commencement notices.

The second year is construction. The third year is post-occupancy snagging to make sure everything is tickity-boo and settling well.

This article written by The PassivHaus Architecture Company, a Passive House Architect firm in Co. Cork. You can book an online consult with them on archly.ie.